Horse fencing and yards


“Design your fence to contain your most difficult animal, whether it is a pony who could get under a fence or a tall jumper who thinks nothing of a five-foot leap to freedom.


A horse is more likely than other animals to be injured on a fence because a horse’s flight instinct often outweighs his common sense about confinement.” - Michael Plumb’s Horse Journal, Nov. 1996

At Tuff Fences, we can work with you to design and custom install safe horse fencing and yards that will suit your situation.


Things to consider include:

  • the amount of area to be enclosed

  • the number of horses to be contained within a fence

  • the size, strength, and temperament of the horses

  • fence materials suitable for the climate and soil type

  • cost

  • life expectancy of the fence

  • maintenance

  • aesthetics


Have a look at some ideas below, or if you’ve seen something you like that’s not in our gallery, send us a picture and we’ll talk about it.

Horse fences SE QLD
Horse fences and yards
Horse fence
Horse fencing
Simple horse fence
Simple horse fence
Horse fence
Steel fence
Simple horse fence

"Wow, how easy was THAT? Thank you for the new horse yards you installed for us. There is no way we could have done the same incredible job you did in the small amount of time you did it in. Most importantly, the job you did was tidy, safe and looks great. Plus it came in under what you quoted. Top job! Top bloke! Highly recommended!"