Types of fences

After talking to a number of property owners, the most valuable piece of advice has been: “Do your fence right the first time – it will save you money and time down the track.”


The fence you choose will become a permanent part of your landscape so it’s important to do your homework first.


At Tuff Fences, we specialise in farm fencing. It’s what we live and breathe! We can help you choose the right type of fence to suit your needs, arrange delivery of all your materials, and quickly install your new fence.


“… we considered doing the fence ourselves, but we’d still be going six months later if the team from Tuff Fences hadn’t done it. They were in and out within days…”


In most cases, we can access trade prices, which means we can often get materials a lot cheaper than if you were to arrange them yourself.


Below are some examples of some common fence types but we can do pretty much anything. If you’ve seen something you like that’s not here, contact us with a picture (if you've got one) and we’ll talk about it.


Split posts

Most timber split post fences will outlast us all, and are the most common type of rural fencing.


The posts are cost effective, strong, and you can choose almost anything to run between the posts – mesh, barb wire, plain wire, sight wire, hot tape, hot tape through stand offs, or a combination of these.


If you’re choosing to run multiple wires through the posts, a general rule is to have 5 wires for boundary fences and 4 for internal fences.

Horse fence | Cattle rail and split posts
Split posts and 5 barb fence
Round posts and rails

If you’re looking or a fence that stands out, this is the fence you want. This option is usually chosen for feature fences along the front of a property, or where you want to make a statement!


You’ll pay a little more for this type of fence, merely because the posts are around 3 – 4 times the cost of a split post, but the effect is priceless.


As for the rails, you could choose to have one rail along the top between posts, or several rails between each post.

Round post and dog wire, topped with cattle rail
Timber round posts and timber rails
Steel posts

If you want a no-fuss fence, steel is the way to go. Round posts can be driven into the ground with our hitter, or square posts can be cemented in. Steel is great if you’re in high-fire areas, have termites, or have animals that are likely to chew timber.


There isn’t much difference in price between steel and split posts, but the main difference is the look of the final fence.


With our onsite welding facilities, we can custom design and build your steel fence to your specific needs.

Horse fencing | Steel posts and star pickets
Steel posts and rails
Star (steel) pickets

Star pickets are a strong, easy, and often cheap option for both temporary and permanent fencing. You can run almost anything you like between posts – plain wire, barbed wire, mesh etc. Star pickets are also ideal in hard to access areas, like hills, or really rocky areas.


Horse owners prefer plastic caps on the star pickets to avoid injury. The main problem with star pickets is that they are not as effective in holding lively stock (ie, un handled cattle!) and they do not look as visually appealing as timber posts. They are great in fire areas, or termite areas.

Horse fencing | Steel posts and star pickets
Star picket fence
End Assemblies / Strainers

End assemblies, also known as strainers or strainer assemblies, are the most important part of any fence. Their job is to transfer the tension in the wires to the ground, which will keep the fence tight and strong. 


There are two main strainer assembly designs — ground stay assembly and box assembly. A ground stay assembly is most suited to heavy, dense soil conditions.  Where more strength is required, for example in sandy or boggy conditions, a box assembly would be best. Box assemblies look more striking than ground stay assemblies.


Check out the gallery below for a few end assembly ideas. Click to enlarge.

Timber and cattle rail box assembly
Timber box assembly
Steel box assembly
Steel ground stay
Timber ground stay