Planning a new fence

You’ve decided you want to install a new fence, but there are more options than you thought! Timber, steel, mesh, wire… there are so many choices.


Luckily, smart investment in the right fencing material and a little fencing know-how can go a long way to managing both four and two-legged creatures.


There are a few things you need to consider before you arrange to have your new fence installed.

Why do you need the new fence?


What purpose will it serve? This is probably the most important question you’ll need to ask yourself. Your reason is a huge factor on the type of fencing that is right for your property.


You might need a new fence because you need:

  • Safety and protection

  • To keep animals enclosed

  • Add a stylish look to the property

  • Mark a boundary

  • Increase privacy


Have a look at some examples


Get an idea of the type of fencing that is available, and what materials you might like it to be built from. You may like to get online and have a look at some examples, check out our work, or take photos of fences you’ve seen and liked. If you’ve seen something you like, send us a picture and we can talk to you about it.


Think about your budget


Telling us your rough budget helps us determine the type of fence you could afford. This is a hard obstacle for most people to overcome, however, it really helps us come up with a solution that suits your needs AND budget. For example, there is a very big difference in price between a steel picket fence and a 3-rail steel fence to keep quiet cattle in a paddock.


If you don’t have any idea about the budget you would like to spend, ensure you tell us what are the ‘essential’ parts of your idea, and what things could be swapped out. For example, you may definitely want cattle rail along the top of the fence, but you aren’t too worried about the posts so long as they are timber (in this case, we could quote on using both split posts and round posts).


Hire a professional


Installing a fence is not as easy as you might think and there are loads of factors involved to get the installation correct.  Hiring a professional takes the guesswork out of installing a fence – it saves you the hassle of doing so yourself, is quicker, delivers a better end result and sometimes even cheaper.


Be sure to keep the following in mind when hiring a professional:

  • Ask for references from friends or family

  • Ask for samples of previous work

  • Never choose solely on price


Finding the right contractor who can install your fence to your specifications is essential. While you want to get the best possible deal, choosing based on price alone is a common mistake. You always get what you pay for and this applies for fence installation itself.


Split post and wire fencing
Split post and wire fencing
Split post and wire fencing
Split post and wire fencing
Hire a professional contractor!

At Tuff Fences, we specialise in farm fencing. It’s what we live and breathe! We can help you choose the right type of fence to suit your needs, arrange delivery of all your materials, and quickly install your new fence.


In most cases, we can access trade prices, which means we can often get materials a lot cheaper than if you were to arrange them yourself.


“… we considered doing the fence ourselves, but we’d still be going six months later if the team from Tuff Fences hadn’t done it. They were in and out within days…”